Scala Connects Executive Presence for women leaders

Scala Connects: Stepping Into Executive Presence

Set yourself up for success by learning how to develop your Executive Presence.

About this event

Working women today are better educated and more well qualified than ever before. Yet men still predominate in the corporate world. In Canada, less than 19% of women serve on boards or in senior executive positions. In an increasingly diverse world, executive presence will look very different from one women to another. Executive Presence alone won’t get leaders promoted; however, its absence will impede leaders progress—especially for women.

Salima Valji, CEO & Founder of Unleash Forward Inc., will lead an interactive and fun discussion in which you will:

1. Learn: The 3 key elements to Executive Presence and why we need Executive Presence.

2. Discuss: Uncover what may be getting in your way, which areas of Executive Presence you can build, and learn from your colleagues strategies that work for them.

Leaders will leave the workshop feeling energized and actionable ideas to build a strategy to develop your Executive Presence.


Oct 29 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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