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The Scala Network has partnered with organizations for over 10 years to help grow leadership skills through training, coaching and mentorship.

Improve career potential

Our Scala Partner companies tell us that they need more support to help grow their teams in a way that eliminates bias, promotes diversity and looks for potential. Our partners are committed to supporting the potential of women in their organizations.

Job seekers are faced with an overwhelming landscape of online options that most times are unresponsive. Our Scala Careers initiative provides informative and practical career management skills development, coaching, networking opportunities and community building support to help promote and build potential.



What is the Applicant Navigator?

Hiring today has changed

Employers need faster, unbiased and more effective recruitment strategies and methods to attract and retain talent.

Fill roles quickly and efficiently

The ‘Great Resignation’ combined with an opening economy means internal HR teams are overloaded with roles to fill. When you pair that with a more selective and in demand candidate pool, fewer resumes come in. And, even worse, qualified candidates can select roles elsewhere if you don’t move fast.

We help you manage the load: review applicants, shortlist for interviews and move quickly to offer.

Put your best foot forward from posting to onboarding

We will help you adapt your job postings to reflect what today’s candidates are looking for, ensuring more quality candidates apply. We will protect your brand from application to interview by ensuring we are responsive, approachable and in line with your corporate culture.

Eliminate unconscious bias and build a more equitable hiring process

Research today shows that most recruiting processes are impacted by unconscious bias, limiting your candidate pool and diversity within your organization. Our process works to eliminate this and bring more equity to your recruitment.


Elevate your hiring process by working with the Scala Network.

Job Seekers

Shaping your career

The pandemic has had a significant impact on working women.

The need to balance life’s priorities while finding opportunities that value your potential can be difficult. Be prepared and up your game with our Scala Careers programming and services.

Stay tuned for information on our upcoming Scala Careers events, job postings, and career coaching workshops.

Job Search Essentials Series

Introducing our new Scala Careers Job Search Essentials video series! In this exclusive video, Talent Advisor Annette Filler discusses strategies and steps to help you land your next great role!

Watch for all four of our exclusive videos, being released over the next month:

May 5: How to Build Your Successful Job Plan
May 12: Resume Rehab
May 19: Reach Out: Networking with Purpose
May 25: How to Ace Your Job Interview

Scala Careers - Ace Your Interview video


Our Applicant Navigator system is a detailed 7-step process that includes:

  1. Needs assessment & requirement gathering with hiring manager
  2. Posting review & guidance
  3. Posting amplification
  4. Applicant reviews
  5. Qualification applicant screening interviews
  6. Short-listed candidate interview scheduling with Employer
  7. Applicant/candidate communication

Our Talent Advisors work with Employers and Job seekers. Employers need effective, unbiased recruitment strategies to identify and attract talent to open positions.

Talent Advisors, using Applicant Navigator system helps employers fill roles quickly and efficiently.  Job seekers gain access to job search skills development, networking and mentorship opportunities to improve their potential, find better opportunities and be prepared.

We align with organizations that support our core values, support women in leadership, and are champions for improving equity & diversity. The candidates we bring to the table (and we will bring more qualified candidates to consider!) know they can trust your organization.

You will stand out among the companies they are considering for their next career move.

Annette Filler, Career Coach and Lead Talent Advisor

Annette in a word:  experience

Annette is a Career Management Coach who has coached hundreds of individuals and continues to coach 1:1 – students, recent graduates, mid-career and senior level professionals seeking to transition into their next great role.  As a Talent Advisor she has consulted with organizations to attract top talent, improve overall individual and team effectiveness, and build strong employer brands.

Prior to launching her career consultancy, Annette was Lead, Career Services at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto delivering career-related curriculum and worked 1:1 with MBA and Masters Business students.  As Managing Partner and Co-founder of Next Steps Canada – Outplacement and Career Transition Services and TeamSource Recruitment Services, she applied her extensive experience in recruitment, marketing, and strategy consulting to provide students, clients, and employers with an impactful and pragmatic perspective as a coach and talent advisor.

No, we are a platform of women helping women.

No, our approach is focused on eliminating bias to promote increased diversity in your organization. We aim to evaluate all applicants based on their merits and identify those that would be the right fit for your organization, regardless of gender or ethnicity. We eliminate bias in the hiring process to ensure all applicants, especially those who might ordinarily be affected by bias, get fair consideration. Learn more

Yes. The Scala Network is home to hundreds of women who rely on our services and support to help them find authentic career happiness. That has always included helping them find new roles and supporting them in making connections to improve their careers. All companies selected for the Scala Careers program have their job postings shared with the wider network. We ensure those candidates within our network who meet the qualifications you’re looking for are specifically notified to ensure they have an opportunity to be considered.

In addition, we work with you to review and refine job postings to ensure they meet the needs of applicants today and give you the best chance to recruit a high volume of quality candidates.

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