Scala Talent Advisors

Go from applicants to qualified candidates quickly and effectively.


Receive screened candidates within one week following your job posting deadline and schedule interviews with your team within 48 hours.

Faster, unbiased & more effective

Applicant Navigator is our Applicant Screening and Qualifying Service that works with organizations committed to elevating women and diversity within their organizations. As Talent Advisors, we will be the liaison between your company and the applicant.  Each applicant will be reviewed by a human (not an algorithm) to ensure that we attain a consistent and equitable selection process that acknowledges and informs applicants at every step of the recruitment process.

Why use the Applicant Navigator System?

Your job posting and referral systems has generated applicants and you have 5 different roles that you are recruiting for — ranging in skills set and background – your ability to screen applicants is at its limits. Scala Network uses our Applicant Navigator process to help you find talent in timely, unbiased way.

How does it work?

Scala Network’s Talent Advisors will partner with your HR or hiring manager to understand the scope and requirements of a role, organizational values and establish timelines and interview process. We apply our recruiting expertise and insights to review all applicants received and identify, vet and screen potential candidates for your organization that meets the requirements of the specific role. We help you go from applicant to candidate quickly and effectively while mitigating bias at every stage.

The Applicant Navigator is Simple, Fast, and Effective

  • Brief your Talent Advisor on job requirements, interview process, interviewers and timelines
  • Post the job with a set deadline on your preferred platforms/referral systems and we’ll do the same on ours
  • Scala Network receives job applicants from all sources on a pre-determined basis
  • Your Talent Advisor screens all applications submitted based on pre-determined criteria, and organizational values and identifies and select applicants for further consideration
  • Screening interviews are conducted and recommended candidates are scheduled for more in-depth interviewing by your team
  • And we go one step further to make sure all applicants feel acknowledged by ensuring that each applicant receives communications on the status of their application at every stage of the recruitment process.

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