Scala Leads


Learn from each other, and build stronger relationships

Scala Leads is a networking environment like no other.


Mixing ongoing leadership training with facilitated social opportunities allows you to connect with like-minded professionals and grow your career. You’ll meet other women who share your challenges and support your success.

These exclusive sessions are for past program participants and mentors only, with occasional sessions for regular attendees to bring guests.

Guest Speakers

Each session will feature a Scala mentor or special guest, all leaders in their field. They will share their knowledge and insights with you, and help you tap into your leadership strengths.


Our Scala program participants have asked for ways to continue to stay in touch with their cohorts and mentors, so we created Scala Leads to give you an interactive and engaging session. You’ll be able to submit questions in advance or ask them during the session, making sure that our programming is relevant for you.

To RSVP for a session, please email Christina Greenberg.

2022 Sessions

Saying “no” is an important skill to learn and practice, not only to manage your own time and energy, but also to serve as a model for your team.  In this session, you will explore ways to establish boundaries and how to communicate and negotiate your priorities and limits with others in order to achieve balance at work and in your life, and build resilience for you and your team.

Becoming a manager of others is one of the most difficult transitions for most people.  You were likely promoted into your new leadership role because you excelled at your work, and now you’re being asked to step back and let others learn the ropes, try new things and make their own mistakes.  In this session, we will explore the balancing act that you now play as a manager, learning when to let go, how to build trust with your team, and helping guide them with effective coaching and feedback.

Getting great at negotiating for yourself is not only important for your career and your bottom line, but it also builds critical skills and empathy as you grow as a leader of others.  In this session, you will learn how to initiate and prepare for conversations on topics such as performance reviews, a salary increase, a promotion, a request for flex time, or a change to your title.  You will also learn how to communicate your value and worth to your team and organization, and build the courage to ask for what you deserve

Silencing Your Inner Critic session

It’s normal to have doubts or negative thoughts.  Everyone can relate to a time when they lacked confidence or felt like they were “faking it”.  The trick is to understand your triggers and patterns, and develop strategies to anticipate and overcome this “imposter syndrome”.  In this session, learn how to tame your inner critic and develop confidence and a positive mindset in any situation.

Mug "Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone" - blog post on comfort zones

Embracing change, trying new approaches, being open to alternative perspectives … all sure-fire ways to learn and grow.  So why are we so uncomfortable to take a step out of our comfort zone?  In this session you will learn strategies to overcome your fear of failure and build the courage to act boldly and take risks in order to innovate and adapt to change.

Being assertive and confident as a women can sometimes be perceived as aggressive by others.  Taking the time to get feedback and understand how you come across is important in honing your approach to effectively negotiate with and influence others.  In this session, you will learn ways you can customize and adjust your verbal and non-verbal behaviours to deliver the confident impression you’re striving for.

Past Sessions

As the province opens up, and we “return to work”, what does this mean for you and your energy? What habits are you not willing to go back to and what new practices are you not willing to give up? Coach and author Karen McKnight joins us for a session to talk through a process to help you set up practices to maintain and boost your energy.

Moving from the best of intentions to meaningful action and impact.

Rachel Baptiste, CEO of Lumen Consulting Group walks us through a guide to inclusive leadership.

Giving Constructive Feedback session

We’ve all heard the saying that “feedback is a gift”. It’s true that both positive and constructive feedback can be helpful in improving performance and helping people to reach their potential. However, the way your feedback is delivered is equally as important as the what you’re saying. In this session, you will become a more effective feedback giver, by preparing for the conversation, honing your listening skills, learning to reframe and ask better questions, and adjusting your non-verbal behaviour.